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关于2022年中国政府奖学金延期事宜的通知Notice for 2022 Chinese Government Scholarship Extension
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1. 对象:只有博士生可申请奖学金延期(不含海洋奖)


A. 参加并通过2022年年度评审

B. 已经通过开题报告

C. 已经通过中期考核

D. 学习态度认真、表现良好

E. 奖学金延长期限不能超过一年,即奖学金期限已达5年的博士生没有申请资格。

2. 流程

A. 登陆研究生院网站申请学籍延期并确保导师审核通过,具体请咨询学院教学秘书

B. 登陆留学基金委管理系统参加年度评审,具体可参见年审通知/info/1028/19981.htm。目前由于系统原因,具体可登录操作时间等待后续通知。请现将年审自评材料和成绩单提交给学院经办人,待系统开放后再登录系统进行操作。(此部分不需要在428日前完成,具体等待后续通知)

C. 登陆留学基金委管理系统提交延期申请。

D. 联系学院经办人登陆留学基金委系统进行审核。


3. 结果 Result


Notice for 2022 Chinese Government Scholarship Extension

1. The CSC only accepts extension application of PhD students. (NOT including Marine Scholarship programs)

***Doctoral students applying for extension should meet the following requirements:

A. Should attend and pass 2022 annual review

B. Should have passed the dissertation proposal

C. Should have passed mid-term test

D. Should have a good academic attitude and performance

E. Should not extend the scholarship for more than 1 year. Scholarship for doctoral students should not exceed 5 years.

2. Procedures

A. Log in the Graduate School System online to apply for study extension at Xiamen University and make sure your supervisor has approved the application. Please consult the teaching secretary for details.

B. Log in https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/ with CSC No., enter Annual review of scholarshipsection, complete the questionnaire, fill out self-review information and submit transcript.

Please refer to /info/1028/19981.htm for more details of the annual review.

Due to technical reasons, students are not able to submit annual review materials in the system now. Therefore, please submit your annual review materials and transcript to your college coordinators first and log in the system to complete relevant procedures after the system is ready( students dont need to finish this part before April 28. Colleges will issue notice when the system is ready).

C. Log in https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/ with CSC No., enter Scholarship Extensionsection, fill out the application information according to the instructions.

D. Contact your college coordinator to log in the CSC system and complete college opinions for your extension application.

Students should make sure that they complete the above procedures before 17:00, April 28 (GMT+8). If you have any questions, please contact your college coordinator. Please see attached for college coordinator information.

3. CSC will release the final result in July or August and your college will notify you accordingly.

 2022年审学院经办人联系方式 2022Annual Review College Coordinator Information.pdf